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Benefits of Using LandServer

Landowners and Property Managers

LandServer generates a conservation report on your property, enabling you to:

  • Assess your property's natural resources. Quickly and easily learn about your property's natural resources and the ecosystem services they provide. LandServer provides a wealth of information at your fingertips.
  • Generate income by implementing conservation actions. Evaluate your potential to earn conservation funding for implementing land practices that enhance ecosystem services.
  • Open a Bay Bank account. Save time and money by using the Bay Bank to sell "ecosystem service credits" generated on your property and enroll in conservation programs.

State and Local Governments, Conservation Groups, Corporations, and Others

LandServer connects you with your constituents, helping you to:

  • Raise awareness. LandServer is an educational resource that raises the awareness of the role of natural systems in providing valuable ecosystem services.
  • Increase participation. LandServer is a landowner's one-stop shop for natural resource information about their land. By translating complex program requirements into simple eligibility models, LandServer provides a quick screening tool for landowners interested in implementing conservation actions.
  • Target priority conservation areas. LandServer can easily be loaded with any state or local priority area data, which is analyzed to produce a natural resource assessment report for the user. This GIS data can encompass Special Resource areas, priority funding, wildlife action plan data, zoning, rural legacy, cost share programs, and other priority areas.
  • Connect with landowners. LandServer directs eligible landowners to conservation marketplaces like the Bay Bank, helping landowners to participate in relevant programs and enables organizations to reach out to landowners who express interest in implementing conservation actions.